The treatment of facial bone fractures requires a high level of surgical experience and expertise..

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Bone fractures in the facial region
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This is why we recommend that you undergo thorough physical examination and have X-rays – either conventional X-rays or, where necessary, slice imaging (e.g. CT scans) – to identify facial fractures.

The management of facial fractures involves a delicate surgical technique that requires extensive experience and expertise from surgeons. Surgery is generally performed under general anaesthesia. During the operation, an open fracture reduction is performed through minimally invasive incisions. Osteosynthesis plates (made of biocompatible titanium) are then inserted to stabilise the fractures in the correct anatomical position. The size of the osteosynthetic plates to be used depends on the expected load on the fractured bone. This approach restores function and aesthetic appearance.

Although the titanium plates are biocompatible, we recommend the removal upon complete bone healing (after 6 to 12 months, depending on the fracture type).

Facial bone fractures always require primary management during the first few days following the injury. The secondary correction of a fracture that has healed in a dislocated position and resulted in facial asymmetry or in the aforementioned functional impairment is a lot more complicated and frequently requires computer-navigated surgery.

The surgical management of facial fractures is performed by us personally, either at the hospital-based Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of Munich's Paracelsus-Klinik or at one our partner clinics. We will, of course, look after our patients individually and personally throughout the entire duration of their inpatient or outpatient treatment.

Since our clinic is a centre of excellence in computer-navigated surgery, we use this technology both for primary reconstruction and in the correction of fractures healed in dislocated positions, when necessary.

We will be pleased to arrange a consultation at your convenience and answer any questions you may have concerning your specific needs. Because your face matters!

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