The treatment of facial bone fractures requires a high level of surgical experience and expertise..

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Bone fractures in the facial region
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Bone fractures in the facial region

Facial fractures may be caused by untypical or strong forces acting on the facial region. In theory, any facial bone can break. However, owing to the lightweight structure of the facial skull, some fractures are more common than others so that typical fracture patterns can be distinguished.

The most frequent causes of fractures in the facial region are sports injuries, road traffic accidents, falls or occupational accidents.

Many facial fractures involve soft tissue injuries. When soft tissue (e.g. skin) is affected, primary wound management is a must because accurate plastic reconstruction is of decisive importance for the aesthetic appearance of scars.

Occasionally, a fracture in the facial region may not be noticed immediately after the injury as it may be masked by the facial swelling. If functional impairment does not resolve within two days, further diagnostic evaluation by a specialist is necessary. Typical functional disorders resulting from facial fractures are dental occlusion problems (bite does not fit), restricted mouth opening, double vision or sensory disturbances (producing a “numb” feeling).

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