Reconstructive surgery is a very challenging specialty. Many patients require several surgeries to achieve satisfactory results.


Reconstructive surgery 

Reconstructive procedures are performed to correct anatomical and functional impairments caused by accidents or surgery. While it is not possible to undo the past, reconstructive surgery aims at restoring appearance and function as far as possible.

The replacement of tissue lost in an accident or by surgery is a technically demanding task and requires a high level of surgical experience and expertise. Many patients need several surgeries to achieve the desired result. Especially the head/neck region with its complex anatomy is a major challenge for reconstructive surgery. Scar tissue, above all, makes surgery more difficult and changes normal anatomical structures.

Thorough clinical examination is crucial to determine the procedures best suited to the patient’s specific needs. Scar tissue release methods may have to be combined with tissue transfer techniques. If large tissue deficits need to be addressed, it may be necessary to transplant tissue from a donor site that is far from the defect (distant flap).

Surgery in the facial region is a highly complex and challenging task under aesthetic aspects as well. So it is important that we work closely with you to develop the treatment plan best suited to your specific needs, balancing your expectations with what is surgically possible. Because your face matters.

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