Cooperative arrangements with several hospitals in southern Bavaria have resulted in a new network for the treatment of facial injuries.


Partner hospitals in Upper Bavaria


Cooperative agreements exist with the

Rhön-Kliniken,      RoMed-Kliniken,      Kliniken Südostbayern.


This means that a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery is on call round the clock for the following hospitals: Rosenheim, Wasserburg, Prien and Bad Aibling, as well as Traunstein, Trostberg, Freilassing, Bad Reichenhall and Berchtesgaden.

Depending on the pattern of injury, the patients either receive care in one of the partner hospitals or are admitted for inpatient care in Munich’s Paracelsus-Klinik hospital.

This extends the treatment spectrum of the established trauma centres in Rosenheim, Traunstein and Dachau so that it now includes oral and maxillofacial surgery, enabling even complex facial injuries to be treated.

At Klinikum Dachau there is close collaboration with the Department of Otolaryngological (ENT) Surgery. This enables even complex facial injuries with malocclusion to be treated within the field of traumatology, using state-of-the-art technology such as computer-assisted navigation. In oncological surgery, interdisciplinary cooperation between ENT and oral and maxillofacial surgery is groundbreaking, especially that involving microvascular reconstruction. 


Rhön-Kliniken  RoMed-Kliniken Kliniken Südostbayern 
Dachau Rosenheim Traunstein
Krankenhausstr. 15   Pettenkoferstr. 10  Cuno-Niggl-Str. 3
85221 Dachau  83022 Rosenheim  83278 Traunstein
Tel. 08131-760  Tel. 08031-35602  Tel. 0861-7050
Fax 08131-76247  Fax. 08031-3654911  Fax 0861-7051650
Klinikum Pasing  Bad Aibling    Berchtesgaden 
Steinerweg 5  Harthauser Str. 16  Locksteinstr. 16
81241 München  83043 Bad Aibling 83471 Berchtesgarden
Tel. 089-88920  Tel. 08061-9300 Tel. 08652-570
Fax 089-8892-2228   Fax 08061-9302224 Fax 08652-5499
   Wasserburg am Inn      
Bad Reichenhall
   Krankenhausstr. 2 Riedelstr. 5
   83512 Wasserburg 83435 Bad Reichenhall
   Tel. 08071-770 Tel. 08651-7720
   ax 08071-77477 Fax 08651-67379
   Prien am Chiemsee Freilassing
   Harrasser Str. 61-63 Vinzentiusstr. 56
   83029 Prien 83395 Freilassing
   Tel. 08051-6000 Tel. 08654-6060
   Fax 08051-600544 Fax 08654-606555
    Siegerthöhe 1
    83308 Trostberg
    Tel. 08621-870
    Fax 08621-875009
    Hauptstr. 24
    83324 Ruhpolding
    Tel. 08663-520
    Fax 08663-52500


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